Common Fate Cloud

Identity-first cloud security for DevOps and Platform teams.

For Cloud Practioners

Breakglass Access

Request privileged roles for incident response and deploying infrastructure.

Assume Roles Faster

Spend less time dealing with access requests. Common Fate Cloud integrates securely with your incident response and communication tools, simplifying administrative access workflows.

Automated Least Privilege

Adaptive least-privilege meaningfully reduces your identity risk automatically over time.

For Cloud Adminstrators

Protect access to your cloud

Govern and audit access to your cloud resources and reduce administrative access sprawl across your team.

Access Management Framework

Encode cloud permissions as code and audit changes using your existing source code version control platforms. Map cloud resource access to groups in your SSO provider.

Compliance Evidence

Generate User Access Review evidence automatically in formats compatible with SOC2, ISO27001 and other compliance standards.

Security Diagram

Secure by design

Security isn‘t a feature of Common Fate Cloud, it‘s the foundation. Common Fate Cloud is built on the same standards which secure the internet.

Integrates with the tools you use

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