Govern access to breakglass roles with Common Fate Cloud

The easiest way to access your cloud

View multiple AWS regions and accounts at the same time using Granted.

brew tap common-fate/granted

brew install granted

Get Started

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How to use Granted


Install Granted

Windows or Unix?

Run the assume command

Granted will read from your local .aws/config and retrieve a list of available profiles to assume


Access the console for multiple roles

assume -c

Open Source

Granted is open sourced under the MIT licence and will always be freely available. Contributions are welcome!

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Granted is part of Common Fate Cloud

In addition to the open source edition of Granted, we are currently building Common Fate Cloud, an identity-first cloud security platform designed for DevOps and Platform teams.

  • Access Management Framework
  • Breakglass role access
  • Identity-as-code
  • Audit Trail Retention
  • Advanced governance and approvals
  • Automated role provisioning

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